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IJCNIS Vol.9, No.3, Mar. 2017

Efficient Dynamic Resource Allocation in OFDMA Systems by Firefly Pack Algorithm

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Haider M. AlSabbagh, Mohammed Khalid Ibrahim

Index Terms

Communication systems;Firefly Algorithm;Firefly Pack Algorithm;OFDMA;optimization;resource allocation


The resource allocation of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) is one of the core issues in the next generation mobile systems. The improvement in the performance and quality of service (QoS) of communication systems is relying upon the efficient utilization of the available communication resources. The resource allocation of the OFDMA systems is mainly depends on both power and subcarrier allocations of each user for different operation scenarios and channel conditions. This paper proposes and applies Firefly Pack Algorithm (FPA) to find the optimal or near optimal power and subcarrier allocations for OFDMA systems. It takes into consideration the power and subcarrier allocations constrains, channel and noise distributions, distance between users equipments and base station, user priority weight to approximate the most of the variables, constrains, and parameters that encounter in the OFDMA systems. Four important cases for the number of subcarriers and users are addressed, simulated, and analyzed with employing the FPA algorithm under specific operation scenarios to meet the standard specifications. The results demonstrate that FPA is an effective algorithm in finding the optimal or near optimal for both subcarrier and power allocation. 

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Haider M. AlSabbagh, Mohammed Khalid Ibrahim,"Efficient Dynamic Resource Allocation in OFDMA Systems by Firefly Pack Algorithm", International Journal of Computer Network and Information Security(IJCNIS), Vol.9, No.3, pp.1-10, 2017.DOI: 10.5815/ijcnis.2017.03.01


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