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IJMECS Vol.12, No.3, Jun. 2020

A Comprehensive Study on Excessive Mobile Phone Use and Preventive Measures

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Arifur Rahaman, Sabrina Tasnim, Md Sohag Hossain Majumdar, Emam Hossen, Md Rafiqul Islam (Rafiq)

Index Terms

Mobile Phone;Communication;Learning Aid;Online Banking;Mobile Internet; Distraction;Depression & Addiction


The modern world almost wholly depends on advanced technology.  Consequently, our life is fully influenced by modern technology-based devices like mobile phones, laptops, tablets, computers and so on. However, we cannot think a single day without the magical device mobile phone. Due to easy usage, people from all classes widely use it for many purposes. Nowadays, it works like all in one. On the one hand, it offers instant calls, messages, net browsing, email checking, watching videos, connecting social media, online gaming, a source of entertainment and many more. We are blessed with this device without any doubt as it puts our modern life forward many steps ahead. On the other hand, people of all age groups are spending most of their time using the mobile phone. Owing to its excessive usage, one may face lots of problems such as depression, chronic pain, distraction, sleepless night and many more which are threatening for people. In this paper, we try to find out how much time people spend on various mobile phone activities such as communication, gaming, social media, and net browsing daily. According to experts we talked and our analysis, excessive mobile phone use can have various detrimental impacts on humans such as short tempered, reduction in patience and appetite, addiction, accidents, sometimes spreading of rumours and high anxiety along with other health issues. Moreover, we suggested some ways to reduce excessive mobile use so that people can avoid negative effects of mobile phone use.  

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Arifur Rahaman, Sabrina Tasnim, Md Sohag Hossain Majumdar, Emam Hossen, Md Rafiqul Islam (Rafiq), " A Comprehensive Study on Excessive Mobile Phone Use and Preventive Measures", International Journal of Modern Education and Computer Science(IJMECS), Vol.12, No.3, pp. 33-39, 2020.DOI: 10.5815/ijmecs.2020.03.05


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