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IJEME Vol.13, No.2, Apr. 2023

Security-aware Mobile Application Development Lifecycle (sMADLC)

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Anthony Wambua Wambua, Gabriel Ndung’u Kamau

Index Terms

Security, Secure Software Development, Mobile Application Development, CIA, SDLC.


With the high mobile phone penetration and subsequent significant usage of mobile phone applications, mobile users have become prime targets of hackers. Secure Software Development (SSD) advocates incorporating security aspects at the initial stages of software development. This study proposes a novel Mobile Application Development Lifecycle by reviewing SSD concepts and incorporating these concepts into MADLC- a mobile-focused software development lifecycle to create a security-aware Mobile Application Development Lifecycle (sMADLC). The proposed development lifecycle, sMADLC, can potentially help mobile application developers create secure software that can withstand hacker aggression and assure mobile application users of the confidentiality, integrity and availability of their data and systems.

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Anthony Wambua Wambua,  Gabriel Ndung’u Kamau, "Security-aware Mobile Application Development Lifecycle (sMADLC)", International Journal of Education and Management Engineering (IJEME), Vol.13, No.2, pp. 36-42, 2023. DOI:10.5815/ijeme.2023.02.05


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