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IJEME Vol.6, No.5, Sep. 2016

Regression Test Suite Prioritization using Residual Test Coverage Algorithm and Statistical Techniques

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Abhinandan H. Patil, Neena Goveas, Krishnan Rangarajan

Index Terms

Residual Test Coverage Algorithm;CodeCover;Test Execution Time;Statistical Techniques


Regression test suite study has been research topic for decades. In this paper we investigate the Regression test suite prioritization using residual test coverage algorithm for white box testing and introduce new statistical technique for black box testing. Our contribution in this paper is mainly problem solution to breaking the tie in residual coverage algorithm. Further we introduce new metric which can be used for prioritizing the regression test suite for black box testing. Towards the end part of the paper we get down to implementation details explaining how this can be done in the industrial or research project. The intended readers of this paper are developers and testers in the research field and practitioners of software engineering in the large scale industrial projects.

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Abhinandan H. Patil, Neena Goveas, Krishnan Rangarajan,"Regression Test Suite Prioritization using Residual Test Coverage Algorithm and Statistical Techniques", International Journal of Education and Management Engineering(IJEME), Vol.6, No.5, pp.32-39, 2016.DOI: 10.5815/ijeme.2016.05.04


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